On the 11th October 2012, the Catholic Church worldwide celebrated the start of a Year of Faith to mark the 50th Anniversary from the opening of the Second Vatican Council. The Jesuits in Malta are proposing a programme to explore faith from different aspects of life and society: ecology, health, music, world religions and the arts. The project being proposed below will attempt to create dialogue between faith and the contemporary visual arts.


Aims & Objectives

The aims and objectives of the project are:

• To create dialogue with contemporary artists about faith

• To engage and challenge the public about faith as seen through the eyes of the artist

• To entice young people to allow space for the spiritual quest through art

• To invite the public to reflect on and express their faith through art

The Project

The project will be based on the traditional concept of ‘the visit’ in Holy Week, that is the encounter of the person and space as conduit of reflection and an act of invocation. Six artists have been invited to make an artistic intervention relating to the theme of contemporary faith on six spaces in Valletta. The spaces will include facades and interiors of churches and religious/ public spaces within Valletta. One of the spaces will also be virtual. These six spaces will be open to the public during Holy Week and the week after Easter and will provide an alternative ‘Seven Churches Visitation’ for the public to reflect and respond to.

Apart from being an artistic venue in its own right, the virtual space will also act as a place for documentation and also as a social site for the general public to engage with the works. The digital space aims to include the digital arts as well as to engage the public who are more likely to start their spiritual journey online. It will also be a space created from the postings of the general public (photos, words, sounds,) on the theme of faith. The virtual site will be launched much before the start of the project and will serve to inform the public of the event’s progress. The site will remain open after the end of the project